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  • Life Insurance & Annuities with LTC Insurance Riders (California SB 281)

    16 Lessons

    Insurers shall ensure that agents offering, marketing or selling accelerated death benefits on their behalf are able to describe the differences between benefits provided under an accelerated death benefit and benefits provided under LTC Insurance.

  • LTC Insurance

    0 Lessons

    This eight-hour block of instruction is specifically designed, in compliance with California SB1943, SB1052, SB527, AB1483, SB1537, SB870, SB475, SB898, SB2111, SB1178, SB966, SB587, SB662, SB455, SB1613, SB483, AB999 and SB200 for insurance agents, financial planning professionals, attorneys, CPAs and other professionals to provide an in-depth analysis of information and issues surrounding long-term care. This […]

  • Ethics

    41 Lessons

    Ethics, law and morality have always been virtually inseparable in the investment industry. Many of the ethical concerns you have as an FA are also legal considerations. An ethical transgression may be viewed as a violation of a rule of either your firm, the Department of Insurance, the SEC or other State Securities Regulators; or even […]

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  • Annuities

    29 Lessons

    To retain purchasing power over the extended retirement period, the consumer will likely still need to participate in investments that can offset inflationary trends. The income for life, that only an annuity can provide, is a valuable income management tool for the average consumer during retirement when integrated into the consumers’ retirement investment plan.

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