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Developing Your LTC Insurance Selling Personality

Your purpose in selling long-term care insurance must be to create a relationship rather than close a sale. You must view the customer as someone you care deeply about and recognize each customer as special. As you admire your client’s home, pictures and lifetime possessions, you must empathize and really want to know about their life. They will not be fooled by false displays of interest and will test you during the interview. Be sure your interest is sincere and your focus is truly on them.

A selling personality is extremely important to sales success. Here are some of the characteristics of superior sales people:

High-level of self-confidence and self-esteem

Accept full responsibility for results

Above average ambition and desire to sell

High levels of empathy

Intensely goal oriented

Above average willpower

Determination and willingness to work hard

Belief in his or her capabilities, company and product

Absolutely honest

Ability to turn strangers into friends

How do you rate on the characteristics of superior salespeople? Is your interest in creating a relationship with your client sincere? How do you demonstrate these behaviors in your everyday activities?


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